Setting sun

Origins: Prague / Czech republic – Age: 22
Height: 5.31 – Weight: 110 – Vital Statistics: 35/24/35

Guessing Laetitia’s origins can be a bit of a mystery. She has the deep tan of a Latina and the sweet angular face of a Northern European. In fact she is from Prague in the Czech Republic but […]

Busty Arianna

Busty Arianna aka Arianna Sinn
Body Type: Voluptuous
Stats: 41-26-34
Bra: 34G
Height: 5’1
Weight: 118 lbs.
Location: Bucharest
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Mellie 34G

Mellie haired Genger is a beautiful amateur with big tits and a great personality.
She loves to tease the cameras so when we called her up she had a blast playing while we videotaped it all.
She played with her monster tits and then slides her hands down to play with her lovely pussy smiling all the […]


Spanish lesson

Origins: London / United kingdom – Age: 21
Height: 5.28 – Weight: 115 – Vital Statistics: 35/24/35

Welcome gorgeous British beauty Sarah as she flips her long brunette hair and shakes her dangerous curves to the harmonious yet erotic music she’s dancing to. Sarah will make you feel like she’s dancing a private dance just for […]


Cherry brandy

Origins: Prague / Czech republic – Age: 23
Height: 5.51 – Weight: 126 – Vital Statistics: 28.4/24/37

We asked Dominno why she picked that name and she explained ‘as soon as one member in the audience falls for me… they all do!’ Her dark flowing hair and intense eyes give the feeling that you are the […]

Satin Bloom

Satin dreams

Origins: Prague / Czech republic – Age: 26
Height: 5.58 – Weight: 115 – Vital Statistics: 35/24/36

Satin Bloom is actually from the Czech Republic, but because she usually has a nice golden tan and the full lips of her South American heritage, some fans think of her as a Latina instead. Recently she added a […]

Pepper Foxxx

This week we took Woody’s car out for a little adventure. We drove by some stores looking for single ladies that might want to play. We pulled up to a payphone and checked out a cute little Latina on the phone. She turned and saw us and we called her over. When she got closer […]

Jenna Presley

Fuuuck! We hit the jack pot. We needed some big tits and boy did we find them. When we saw Jenna Presley we knew we had to see more of her. Her tits we barely being contained under her shirt and when we finally pulled her shirt down and saw them we almost passed out! […]

Natasha Nice

Natasha Nice

The quest never ends and today we rolled up on one for the record books. Her name was Natasha and a glance at her tits could make you forget your own name. She said she was a piano tutor so we asked her to come over and give us a quick lesson. I really […]

London Keyes

“Our perfect plan consisted on hitting up the tanning salon close to my place and seeing if we could meet some ladies with, how do you say? Ah yes: big titties. We walked in and there was an exquisite Asian with natural tits walking out. Woody and I instantly walked out behind her. We caught […]

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